Dear family & friends,

Just a week before our marriage we thought we would be stressed for our big day. However, the only thing Sandra worried about was whether she would fit in her dress nicely. This is because there was nothing else left to prepare anymore. Everything was put in good hands. Both of us were quite surprised that we could be so relaxed in our last week.

sandra-waiho-256sandra-waiho-283We decided to enjoy our day as much as possible by not thinking about any preps anymore.

It really was a beautiful day. Starting from the moment when Wai Ho first saw Sandra. We could still remember that the weather forecasts were bad and it was announced it would rain and maybe even storm that day. But all we experienced was a beautiful day.

The ceremony started with a warm welcome from all the guests as well as our wedding officer.
We both were touched by the speeches held by Wai Kit and Peui Tcheun.

The moments we remember the most were the nice surprises given by our family and friends. And we received quite some that day!

Thank you for making this day unforgettable.

We have posted some photos from our wedding day and our honeymoon.
I hope you enjoy these just as much as we do.


Sandra & Wai Ho

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